Successful Transition As A New Leader

One of the most challenging business experiences anyone will face is transitioning into a leadership position. Being a new manager means potentially supervising friends and former peers. This workshop will show how to adopt the mindset of a leader and gain new skills including communication, coaching, goal setting and giving feedback.

Leadership Johnson County will host the workshop Buddy to Boss: Successful Transition As A New Leader on Tuesday, January 23 from 9:00 to 12 noon at the Johnson County Armory, 325 Minuteman Way, Franklin. Participants will learn how to build a foundation for a new leadership position and how to communicate with former peers who are now subordinates.

Registration is required. Cost is $59 per person for Leadership Johnson County Signature Program graduates, Franklin College alumni, Franklin, Aspire and Indy Chamber members. General public pricing is $69 per person. Register at:

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